ABRABI - Brasilian Industry Biotechnology Organization

ABRABI, the Brazilian Association of Biotech Enterprises, represents industry on all activities required to tranform it in a business success, like lobbying, participating in government and congress panels and commitees, organizing congresses and meetings, surveying industry data and other activities.

Av. 13 de maio, 44 sl1301, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 20031-910
Telephone:55 21 2220-1109
Fax:55 21 2220-1109
ABRABI, the Brazilian Association of Biotech Enterprises, was founded in 1986 with the objective of congregating the Biotech interests in Brazil. Later, it has taken active part in the discussions with Congress and Government on the Brazilian Patent Law. Thanks in part to our efforts, the Law approved was beneficial to the biotech interests and has fostered a great development in biotech R&D. Today it is deeply involved in the approval of OGM crops and health uses of biothecnology.
We are now directing our objectives - we want to become the corner stone of the biotech industry in Brazil. We hope to do that by addressing the multiple facets of the industry development from the R&D institute, to the equipment and materials supplier, to the venture capitalist, to the patent lawyers, to the innovative small company, to the big pharma, to the vegetable improvement industries, to the bio-informatics firms, to the Government and Congress specialists, etc.Our objective of bringing them under one roof is to allow for constructive discussion and cooperation. For that we organize Congress and Reunions specially dedicated to approaching academia to business and to incentive deal making.
We are a member of BIO and the International Bioindustry Federation. In South America we have close ties to the Latin American Biotechnology Federation, the Foro Argentino de Biotecnologia and to the Centro de Gestion Tecnologica/Camara de Industrias del Uruguay.
In a recent government survey, there were about 1.700 R&D groups and over 300 companies involved with biotech in Brazil. The market for biotech products, including old biotech, was estimated at approximately 2.8% of GNP or US$14 billons.
ABRABI has now 21 associates including companies in several fields, like pharmaceuticals, seeds and vegetables improvement, veterinary products, basic R&D, diagnostics, environment, bioinformatics, government agencies and university institutes.

Contact: João de S.B. Paes de Carvalho, Executive Director
E-mail: jsbpc@abrabi.org.br

Established: August,1986

Members: 21

Membership Base: Private industry, R&D Institutes, Government Agencies

Main activity: Business Development and Lobbying

Global Interests/Partnerships: ABRABI is interested in becoming the preferential Brazilian contact for international biotech businesses. We intend to build close ties with our counterparts in other countries.

Elected Board of Directors:

President: Dr. Antonio Paes de Carvalho, PhD, Extracta Moléculas Naturais

First Vice-President: Dr. Guilherme Emerich, BIOMM

Vice Presidents: Ms. Beatriz de Bulhoes Mossri, CEBDS
Dr. Rogerio Vivaldi, Genzyme
Dr. Homero Dewes, CBiot/UFRGS