Lendac Data Systems

Lendac Data Systems is Ireland's leading information provider, be it on CD or via the web. We offer subscription based services or a pay-as-you-go option.

Unit 6, Trinity College Enterprise Centre, Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Main Contacts
Mr Alan Loughnane

Lendac is a private company established in Dublin since 1979 with three primary activities. We act as an information provision service. This involves the distribution of information files to all sectors of the market, from information specialists and researchers to health and safety officers and legal practitioners. Another activity is the provision of e-publishing consultancy and services. We also provide broadcast and multimedia services.

Lendac distributes over 1000 professional reference titles on behalf of 30 of the world's leading electronic information publishers. With thousands of active Irish subscriptions, we deliver information products via Internet, Intranet, and CD-ROM media to all sectors of the Irish economy. Our products can be purchased on a yearly subscription or alternatively on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Lendac's publishing and development technologies are state of the art. We have considerable national and international experience on both SGML and XML projects. Lendac is one of the early adopters of XML as a publishing mechanism. We continue to develop secure and stateful publishing applications that offer clients value for money, and offer users a rich and powerful experience.

Lendac also provides an expertise in multimedia content development. Our DVS (Digital Virtual Studio) is implemented and used in studio situations every day. DVS also provides scalable, web streaming and broadcast capabilities across networks and the internet.