C-TRIC TMED4 4TH Annual Translationsal Medicine Conference

Venue: City Hotel, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Celebrating its fourth successful year, the event is recognised as a leading international conference in translational medicine. Over 160 international delegates including clinicians, academics and businesses attended in 2011 fromUSA,UK,Ireland, Mainland Europe andAsiaand the conference continues to grow in stature each year.

A better understanding of the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of a range of disease processes, including cardiovascular disease has led to the development of novel biomarkers and innovative approaches to treatment. Building on the themes explored last year, our 4th Annual Translational Medicine Conference will have a dual focus on Inflammatory Processes and Cardiovascular Disease and there will be dedicated tracks addressing both areas.

The conference will also explore the interplay between inflammation and cardiovascular disease and the translation of these new concepts into the clinical domain. The conference targets academics, clinicians, researchers and bioindustry R&D managers with the aim of encouraging collaboration and communication to inform research and clinical interventions.

In addition to focusing on the specific disease processes and areas outlined above, other topics covered will include:

•        Open innovation in bioscience

•        The increasing role of technology/apps in disease management

•        Leading trends in healthcare innovation

•        Regulatory and governance issues

•        Challenges and obstacles in translational medicine