How to use this area

This area of the site enables you to submit information about you, your company, your company's staff, news, events, vacancies, CVs, products & services, patents, publications, partner opportunities and useful links. Any content you create can be submitted to the Editor of the Biotechnology Ireland site by using the simple templates that will appear when you click on any of the options within Publishing Options.

The various options available are listed in more detail below:

My Profile, Post Organisation and Post Key Staff

Click on these options to edit or add to you and your company information. Using the templates provided you can change your contact details, change your company contact details and profile, upload a logo, input staff contact details and upload staff photos. Once approved by the editor, this information will be displayed in the Directory area.

Post CV

The CV template allows you to submit your CV onto the website. Give your CV a title, perhaps either your name or the type of work that you are looking for, and then place the body of your CV in the text field. Once submitted and reviewed by the Editor, the article will appear in the Jobs & CVs area of the site.

Post News, Post Events and Post Jobs

These templates allow you to release company news, publicise events that you think are relevant, and post job vacancies online. The type of information that you can submit in these templates includes a title, main article text, a URL reference and a release date. The articles that you create will be published in the appropriate area of the site (i.e. once approved by the editor, jobs will appear in the Recruitment area.)

Post to Partner Centre

Using these templates, you can submit content to appear in the Partner Centre in the members area only - headings that you can write content under include Joint Venture, Technology Transfer and Venture Funding. The template provides you with the ability to give details of the partnership you are seeking or offering using a title and a text box.

Post Patents/Publications and Post Links

Use the templates provided to submit links to the Links area of the site, or to put details of your Patents or Publications on line.