Technologies on Offer

TOPGEL Phenytoin for Wound Healing
Introduction There are many applications for gel-based topical therapies. There is frequently a desire to apply poorly soluble agents or to apply agents that are not ordinarily soluble at the neutral values of pH required for topical administration. We have applied this to an active ingredient with  more >

Orodisperible Tablet Technology
Introduction Solid dosage forms for oral drug administration are the mainstay of product formulation. Conventionally a company will look at this strategy as a convenient and reproducible method of manufacture. This does always however take into account patient needs and preferences and undoubtedly  more >

MicroParticle Engineering Technology
Introduction Manufacture of particles is an important activity in many industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, printing and analytical sciences. Essentially, particle manufacturing technology is required to produce particles in a defined size range, to enhance solubility, to provide pro  more >

Metabolically Stable Analogues of Ursodeoxycholic Acid as a Treatment for Diarrheal Disease
Introduction The global impact of diarrheal disease: Diarrhoeal diseases represent a huge global burden. In developing countries infectious diarrhoea kills 2.5 million children annually while in Western societies diarrhea is a feature of many intestinal disorders including infectious diseases (ID),  more >

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Opportunities for ALS & Neuro-degenerative diseases
Introduction Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease in the US, is the most common neurodegenerative disorder of young and middle aged adults that is incurable and invariably fatal. The only disease-modifying therapy currently available is Riluzole®, which only exten  more >

Novel Cartilage Repair Scaffold
Introduction Articular cartilage is a highly specialised tissue found covering the surfaces of the bony ends of all synovial joints in the human body. Its function is to lubricate joint movement and absorb small shock impacts within a joint. The structure and composition of articular cartilage is  more >

Intelligent Microscopy: Software for Biological Process Control and Threshold Based Adaptive Live Cell Imaging
Introduction Recent technological developments in fluorescent microscopy provide new opportunities for multi parameter imaging in living cells. However, as experiments may run for hours or days, manpower restrictions apply when controlling and evaluating the experiments. Likewise, the cell's sensit  more >

Novel Diarrhoeal Disease Treatment
Introduction Diarrhoeal disease is known to cause ~ 2 million deaths per year mostly in developing countries and in children < 5 yrs old. In the Western world common causes of diarrhea include infectious diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBs), allergic diarrhoe  more >

Breast Cancer Biomarkers as a Clinical Management Tool
Introduction Every year approximately 1.2 million worldwide, are diagnosed with breast cancer (International Agency for Research). Currently women diagnosed with breast cancer generally undergo surgery to remove the tumour. Many will also receive either chemo or radiotherapy or a combination of  more >

HydroxyColl - A Novel Collagen-Hydroxyapatite Bone Graft Substitute
Introduction Bone grafts are used clinically in the treatment of many forms of bone tissue defect (e.g. fracture alignment/non-union, critical-sized defects, maxillo-facial surgery and spinal fusion). They actively promote healing and new bone formation (osteogenesis) using a biocompatible, osteoco  more >

Gene Based Assay for Response to Antihypertensive Drugs
A pharmacogenetic assay that identifies responders and non-responders to aliskiren (a direct renin inhibitor) and to other blockers of the renin angiotensin system. Introduction The first direct renin inhibitor has recently been licensed for use as an anti-hypertensive drug in both the United St  more >

A Safe and Inexpensive Method for Manufacturing Detergents and Intermediates in the Synthesis of Drugs
Introduction Novel technology developed at RCSI has produced an improved, facile, low temperature and 'green' technology for the production of racemic sulfonic acids. Sulfonic acids are precious compounds that are present in a wide number of marketed compounds such as taurine (used as a functional  more >

Quality Assurance & Technical Manager
Matrix Recruitment is working closely with a Food manufacturer in the recruitment of a Quality Manager on a permanent basis. Essential Criteria: Bachelor's degree in Science, Food Science & Technology, Microbiology or a related discipline. Experience of leading audits with major custom  more >

Lead Quality Engineer
Matrix Recruitment is working closely with a leading Medical Devices manufacturer in the recruitment of a Lead Quality Engineer (Manufacturing) for its Midlands Plant on a permanent basis. Role Summary: Reporting to the Quality Director you will be responsible for providing quality support to al  more >

Regulatory Affairs Officer
Matrix Recruitment is working closely with a Pharmaceutical manufacturer in the recruitment of a Regulatory Affairs Officer for its Midlands Plant on a permanent basis. Essential Criteria: Preferable educated to degree level in a scientific discipline. Regulatory experience in a pharmaceutica  more >

Biomedical Applications of Size-controlled Nanoparticle Clusters
DCU researchers have developed a novel process for the growth, in suspension, of clusters of nanoparticles. The size of the clusters can be selected with good precision over a wide range, and control over the cluster size distribution can be exerted. The process involves the exposure of a suspension  more >

Compositition and method for treatment of premature labour - LO01-160-01
A novel method for preventing Pre-term Labor by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory immune response which is mediated by fetal DNA in the pregnant mother Technology Overview: Preterm labour is a significant clinical problem with up to 13% of births qualifying as preterm in the developed world. Viab  more >

Novel Combretastatin Analogues - DZ01-164-01
Novel and superior Combretastatin analogues for inhibiting tumor growth and progression Technology Overview The modulation of microtubule function represents a significant target for the development of effective antitumour agents. The development of small molecule modulators of tubulin function  more >

A Therapeutic For Anti-inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases - KM01-051-01 & KM01-166-01
Synthetic and natural immunomodulatory molecules that abrogate inflammatory and autoimmune diseases Technology Overview: With nearly 20% of the developed world suffering or developing autoimmune and inflammatory related diseases and with no known cure, there is a growing and urgent need for more  more >

RNAi-mediated Blood Brain and Blood retina Barrier modulation - PH01-112-01
A novel method for modulating tight junction proteins to transiently, reversibly, and size-selectively open the blood brain barrier (BBB) and blood retinal barrier (BRB) Technology Overview: Many attempts have been made either to break the blood-brain barrier (BBB) or to design delivery systems  more >

A Therapeutic For Anti-inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases - KM01-051-01 & KM01-166-01
Synthetic and natural immunomodulatory molecules that abrogate inflammatory and autoimmune diseases - KM01-051-01 & KM01-166-01 Technology Overview With nearly 20% of the developed world suffering or developing autoimmune and inflammatory related diseases and with no known cure, there is a gr  more >

Dual Inhibitors of Tumor Angiogenesis & Vasculature - JW01-151-01
Novel inhibitors of tumor angiogenesis and vasculature with a dual mechanism of action Technology Overview Tumor angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) and tumor vasculature have recently emerged as important targets in cancer treatment, applicable to multiple tumor types. Enzymes, specifically ex  more >

Methods for Modulating An Immune Response - AB01-089-01
The invention relates to novel methods to inhibit an immune response by inhibiting the DDX3 protein with compounds - AB01-089-01 such as Vaccinia virus protein K7. Technology Overview: Studying the mechanisms whereby viruses evade and neutralise the host immune system has yielded valuable insig  more >

Synthetic Immunomodulatory Peptides for Cancer Therapy - UB01-180-01
Synthetic non-native immunomodulatory mimics of known and unknown tumour antigens peptides with therapeutic and/or prophylactic effects on breast cancer Technology Overview Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women and the leading cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide  more >

Novel High Volume Process for the Production of Silver Nanoparticles with Controlled Shape and Dimension (SilverFluidicsTM)
New Market Opportunity: Silver nanoparticles have applications in a wide number of fields across the electronics, physics, chemistry and biomedical fields. The optical absorption characteristics of the silver nanoparticles are critical to their functionality in all applications. The control of the  more >

Shape-controlled Silver Nanoparticle Ink (ArgentInkTM)
New Market Opportunity: Silver nanoparticle inks have applications in a wide number of fields across the electronics, physics, chemistry and biomedical fields. The optical absorption characteristics of the silver nanoparticles are critical to their functionality in all applications. The control of  more >

Rapid Enumeration of Antimicrobial Resistant Microorganisms in a Urine Sample
New Market Opportunity Urinary tract infections (UTI) are a serious health care problem associated with significant morbidity and healthcare costs. Enumeration of bacteria in a urine sample is critical for diagnosis. Laboratory confirmation of the identity and antimicrobial susceptibility of infec  more >

Prolong AV Graft - A novel arterio-venous graft to facilitate hemodialysis
New Market Opportunity Prosthetic vascular grafts, made of synthetic or biological materials, are used to bypass or replace segments of blood vessels in kidney-failure patients requiring hemodialysis access. Access sites for hemodialysis are either fistulas or grafts. Approximately 62% of grafts f  more >

Novel anti-fungal bacterial strains
Description of Technology: Four novel bacterial strains with demonstrated anti-fungal properties have been isolated and characterised. The strains promise to be effective bio-control agents for the treatment of crops to alleviate the detrimental effects of blight and head blight disease. Value  more >

A Microwaveable Tasty & Healthy Cheese Product
Description of Technology: Summary: Researchers at UCD have developed a proprietary formulation and method for producing a cheese product with enhanced organoleptic properties such as taste and mouthfeel. The cheese product offers enhanced nutritional properties, such as increased fibre content  more >

A Platform Technology: Assessing the Action of Molecular Targeted Drug Treatments
Opportunity A platform technology a) Translational/personalised medicines; Use of an ex vivo human colonic tumour model to assess response to molecular targeted therapies. b) Drug repositioning; New treatment avenues for existing targeted cancer drugs. Description of Technology Summary: Rese  more >

High Resolution Phase Contrast Imaging of Phase Objects in the Human Eye for Glaucoma Diagnosis, Cellular and Microcirculation Imaging ('HR-PCI')
The human eye is a challenging and constrained optical system within which to perform optical imaging. One of the greatest challenges in applied optics has been to image, in vivo, using optical coherence tomography (OCT), certain transparent cells and the aqueous humour in the eye, a challenging and  more >

Ammonia Gas Sensing Technology
Accurate detection of gaseous ammonia is important in many industries. Ammonia is widely used in the production of explosives, fertilisers and as an industrial coolant. Acute ammonia poisoning can result from inhalation of only small doses of ammonia vapour. Polyaniline is probably the most wid  more >

Designer biocatalysts for asymmetric synthesis of non-natural amino acids
Chirally pure amino acids are required as building blocks by the pharmachemical industry to synthesise peptidomimetics and other single-enantiomer drugs. However, asymmetric synthesis of amino acids is complex, relevant substrates are unavailable and resolution of chirally pure amino acids from race  more >

Lacticin: A platform anti-microbial technology effective against gram+ve bacteria
Lacticin 3147 is a novel bacteriocin anti-microbial peptide and one of a number of antimicrobial substances produced by lactic acid bacteria (LAB), and used for centuries in the fermentation of food for flavour, texture and prevention of spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms. Lacticin 3147 is a br  more >

A microwaveable cheese product
UCD researchers have developed a proprietary formulation and a method for producing a cheese product that has enhanced organoleptic properties such as taste and mouthfeel. Furthermore, the cheese product delivers nutritional benefits, primarily an increase in fibre and a reduction in fat conten  more >

Mucoadhesive and bioadhesive polymers
The invention describes a method of augmenting the epithelial mucosal barrier with a topical composition of synthetic polymers based on poly (methacrylate)s that adhere to cells (bioadhesion) and/or mucosal gels (mucoadhesion). Value Proposition: Mucosal barrier function may be compromised when  more >

A Novel Fast Dissolving/Fast Disintegrating Tablet (FDDT) Technology
Oral delivery is currently the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry where it is regarded as the safest, most convenient and most economical method of drug delivery having the highest patient compliance. The tablet is the most widely utilised oral dose format. A novel tablet concept which o  more >

Rapid enumeration of antimicrobial resistant organisms using the Most Probable Number method
Antimicrobial resistance is a major public health problem, resulting in significant health care costs and mortality rates worldwide. The contribution of the environment to the occurrence and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance is of particular interest. At present, there are no regulatory  more >

A Computer Assisted Drug Management System
Many independently living elderly people are not compliant with their drug therapy, which can result in serious health risks. Care schemes and retrospective assessment procedures tackle this problem to some extend, but with the increasing aging of the population and cost constraints in the health se  more >

Cardio-NEO-Screen device:
Nanosense is a platform technology for rapid user friendly diagnostics. It provides a complete set of benefits in a single package: - On Location Testing - Immediate Results - Easy to Use - High Sensitivity - Multi-test Applications span the infectious disease, pathology, drugs, envi  more >

CardioSim - Multipurpose physiological tester for cardiovascular devices
Atherosclerosis is a major cause of death in the western world. This cardiovascular disease is characterised by plaque build-up, arterial occlusion and restricted blood flow. Current clinical treatments, which address these problems, include medical devices such as drug eluting stents. The route to  more >

Biomedical Microarray Sensor for identification of macromolecules and their structural properties using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
Existing SPR systems on the market use detectors at a fixed wavelength for each sample analysis, thus limiting the scope of analysis on biological systems where different analytes are excited at different wavelengths and making microarray applications impracticable. The uniqueness of this novel dete  more >

Novel Fluorescent analyser for Biomedical
Detectors have been at the heart of the explosive growth of applications in the fluorescence field. Being small and rugged, Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode detectors provide high sensitivity and portability. For biomedical applications, this translates into robust instruments that can be used to me  more >

Novel Orthopaedic Scaffolds For Spinal Implants
Spine implants are the fastest growing segment in the $7-billion U.S. orthopaedic implants market. However, better outcomes in spinal fusion surgeries are required. The rate of fusion failure in spine surgeries is 30% to 50%, so huge potential exists for novel devices which minimise or eliminate fus  more >

The UP System - A New Method for the Commercial Aquaculture of Sea Urchins
Sea urchin roe are a premium marine food delicacy in a range of European, American and Asian markets with a peak market value of $600M in 1996. All sea urchin roe are currently produced from harvesting wild sea urchin stocks which are seasonal, where supply cannot be guaranteed and where roe quality  more >

OTA-Detect - A New Molecular based Method to detect Ochratoxin A producing fungi
Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a potent toxin mainly affecting the kidneys, causing both acute and chronic lesions, in mammals. OTA also displays hepatotoxic, genotoxic, teratogenic, and immunosuppressive properties and has been classified as a possible human carcinogen. In humans OTA has a half-life in bloo  more >

A natural biomaterial for tissue repair
A natural biomaterial intended for use as an implant for the surgical repair of soft tissue deficiencies has been developed to reduce the risks of critical surgeries, leading to better patient outcomes and lower costs. At present this need is highly underserved by products currently in the mark  more >

Rapid Detection of Bacteria and Fungi in Industrial Applications
Assuring product microbiological safety and quality is a regulatory requirement in many industry sectors and is critical for ensuring patient/ customer/end-user safety. Molecular diagnostics (MDX) products based on Nucleic Acid Tests (NAT) can be used for bioburden testing, product quality assessme  more >

An Algorithm Predicting Sepsis In Patients With Infection
Sepsis is a major public health issue. A minority of patients admitted to hospital with pneumonia, urinary and other infections develop an overwhelming illness, termed 'Sepsis' and require admission to an intensive care unit. Sepsis patients have a mortality rate of 20-30% and survivors suffer cons  more >

Nanoporous Microparticles. A Novel Formulation Technology for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Delivery of drugs via inhalation is well established in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. Furthermore, there is increasing interest in utilising inhalational forms of small molecules and biologics as an effective drug delivery route that offers many advantages over  more >

An Immunomodulatory Therapeutic For Treating Autoimmune Disease
Many chronic illnesses are persistent due to pathogen evolution of proteins and peptides with immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties that subvert the host immune system, often the Th1 system. These peptides and proteins can be isolated and harnessed for the treatment of conditions in whi  more >

A Novel Adjuvant for improved pertussis (whooping cough) immunization
The incidence of pertussis (whooping cough) in adolescents and adults is much higher than hitherto recognised. In the US, reported pertussis cases have increased 10-fold from 1976 - 2003. The FDA has recently approved the use of diphtheria tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccines for booste  more >

Spread Spectrum Stimulation for Rapid Estimation of a Visual Evoked Potential
The visually evoked potential (VEP) is a routinely used and extremely valuable tool in both research and clinical settings for the evaluation of visual sensory and perceptual processing. In clinical testing, the so-called transient VEP is typically evoked by the repeated presentation of a visual st  more >

Methods for tissue specific and inducible inhibition of gene expression
RNA interference (RNAi) can be used to inhibit any gene where the sequence is known. With estimates that RNAi could capture 10% of the total drug delivery market, RNAi represents the next generation of drugs to market. The 3 major markets for RNAi are as 1) RNAi reagents for the research community 2  more >

A New Product for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds
Chronic wounds are a serious debilitating complication of vascular disease, diabetes and prolonged immobility and constitute a huge unmet clinical need. The cost of treatment associated with chronic diabetes alone is currently estimated at $16-21 billion in the USA alone. This market can be ro  more >

Ground Breaking Discovery into causes of Motor Neuron Disease, an Opportunity for the Development of new Therapeutic Strategies
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder of young and middle aged adults, is incurable and invariably fatal. The only disease-modifying therapy currently available is Riluzole®, which only extends survival by 3-6 months and has recently come off patent. This  more >

Pertussis Vaccine
In addition to paediatric vaccination, the FDA has recently approved the use of diphtheria tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccines for booster vaccination of adolescents and adults. Indeed, in light of the greater recognition of disease in adolescents and adults, some countries, such as Germ  more >

Molecular Design Group - Accelerate your drug discovery process.
The Molecular Design Group (MDG), Trinity College Dublin, was founded in January 2004 by Dr. David Lloyd. The focus of the group is the acceleration of the drug discovery process through the application of in-silico and traditional wet lab drug discovery techniques. MDG offers a rapid proprietary ro  more >

Novel vaccine for protection against Liver Fluke disease in cattle and sheep
This vaccine is based on a recombinant antigen expressed by cDNA, which encodes for a proteolytic enzyme secreted by the liver fluke parasite. Initially, the native protease was isolated from the parasite and cattle vaccinated with the purified enzyme were shown to have protection against the parasi  more >

Rapid diagnostic tests for animal and human parasitic diseases
Two immunoassays have been developed for detection of Fasciolosis. These assays use a recombinant antigen in testing serum samples for an enzyme secreted by the parasite. The tests have been developed in two formats - a Latex Agglutination Test (DriDotTM) for use in rapid field-test situations and a  more >

Isolator vascular and endovascular devices - novel bifurcated graft designs for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAAs)
The minimally invasive treatment of AAA's is expected by many to be an area of significant growth within the medical device industry in the next few years and there seems to be a clear market desire to move in the direction of endovascular (keyhole) grafting using minimally invasive techniques for t  more >

Prolong Vascular Graft - A Novel Prosthetic Vascular Bypass Graft for Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
Peripheral vascular disease affects 5% of all people over the age of fifty. 600,000 grafts are implanted each year in the US alone and this is growing annually due to an aging population. Current bypass grafting techniques have moderate to poor long term patency rates. Typical patency rates are 40%  more >

A Novel Genetic Method for Automated Proteome Mapping in Prokaryotes
There is a clear market need for automated, high-throughput proteome mapping technologies that provide fast and reliable results. Current technologies do not meet this standard. This technology is the first prokaryotic two-hybrid system facilitating high-throughput protein interaction mapping in E.  more >

Unique Fungal enzymes to convert biomass to Bio-ethanol
An opportunity has been created to exploit selected fungal enzymes to release fermentable sugars from a variety of feedstocks including waste paper, food stuffs and grains. Post fermentation, these sugars are easily distilled into bio-ethanol (EtOH). The enzyme systems that achieve the initial suga  more >

Innovative catheters - for dilating difficult lesions and delivering therapeutics to the diseased artery wall
New Market Opportunity - Therapeutic delivery: Advances in local drug delivery have proven extremely effective in the coronary arena. Drug-eluting stents have made a significant breakthrough in the prevention of in-stent restenosis. However, there are a number of areas where drug-eluting stents can  more >

Anti-algal toxin antibodies
The shellfish sector represents a significant portion of the US $78 billion (first sale value, 2002) global fish and fish products market, with aquaculture production far exceeding capture production and growing steadily at approximately 6% per annum. Molluscs account for 85% of the total world mar  more >

Unique Nucleic acid sequences for detection of Candida Yeast infections in blood
The discovery of antibiotics heralded one of the most important and clinically relevant developments in medical science in the twentieth century. Over-use and inappropriate use of antibiotics has led to the genetic adaptations by pathogens which have resulted in resistance to specific antibiotics r  more >

Microfluidic Enabling Platform for Miniaturised Cell-based Assays
Miniaturisation technologies are integral to the rapidly growing laboratory instrumentation sector for applications in drug discovery, biotechnology, medical diagnostics and environmental studies. The miniaturisation process itself leads to a demand for new instruments and tools capable of handlin  more >