SFI annual report shows Ireland in top 20 countries for research Over 70% increase in licensed technologies

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has launched its annual report for 2011 which shows continued success in linkage with companies and in delivering results. The Government's science agency has seen a steady rise in funding from non-government sources and breakthroughs in health and technology.

The reports shows an increase in the number of companies partaking in linkages with SFI, 583 companies were involved in 939 collaborations in 2011 - up 19%. Researchers secured €156 million from non-SFI funded sources while they engaged in nearly 2,000 collaborations in 68 countries. Ireland has maintained its place in the top 20 countries in the scientific global rankings.

As part of its research projects, SFI has been involved in breakthroughs in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), cancer, superbugs, blindness, nano-sensor technology and social media trends. SFI supported researchers reported a total of 5,740 scientific publications last year - an increase of 15%. SFI aims to create an environment which retains jobs in Ireland while also creating new opportunities for employment.