Invitation to SYSMED 2012 Industry Engagement & Networking event

Invitation to SYSMED 2012 Industry Engagement & Networking event, Monday 10th September, Carton House, from 4pm


Rapid progress in the functional analysis of genomes, proteomes and metabolomes (the -omics technologies) has opened the door to the mechanistic understanding of disease and therapy at unprecedented molecular detail. The use of advanced computational and mathematical methods for the in-depth analysis, simulation and interpretation of these data provides new systems level insights that are about to revolutionise biology.


SYSMED 2012 aims to discuss how such approaches can be harnessed to advance medicine and biomedical industries. This new field of systems medicine is poised to address critical bottlenecks in early diagnosis, risk assessment, patient stratification, personalised therapy and drug development.


The conference will bring together speakers and delegates from medicine, biology, computation and industry with a particular focus on the how systems medicine approaches can assist industry in the development of better and cheaper diagnostics and therapeutics. For this purpose, SYSMED 2102 includes an Industry Engagement Session  on Monday 10th September from 4pm at Carton House  which will be comprised of:


(i) A Discussion Panel involving international experts from systems biology, medicine, industry, biotechs and venture capital firms about promising application areas of systems medicine and the contributions  this emerging field can make to medicine, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare.


(ii) A “Research and Technology Discovery Path” networking event which will showcase cutting edge research and research services in this area by Irish institutions and Technological Core Facilities, such as Systems Biology Ireland (UCD & NUIG), the Centre for Systems Medicine (RCSI), REMEDI (stem cell research, NUIG), the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (NUIG), the Marine Biodiscovery Research Programme, Shannon ABC (Applied Biotechnology Sector, LIT and ITT), and the Alimentary Glycoscience Cluster (AGRC, NUI Galway). Featured research areas and services include:

  • The identification of drug targets and improvements of efficacy based on mathematical modelling;
  • Individualised drug therapy for colorectal cancer based on molecular parameters of apoptosis;
  • The use of information technology to accelerate and improve drug development;
  • The use of marine biodioscovery and biotechnology to develop novel bioactives and biomaterials for health-related applications;
  • Targeting specialised technological core facilities to address bottlenecks in the development of marine biotechnology related products.



Further details can be found at here


If you would like to attend please register at or contact  Dr Eadaoin McKiernan, Systems Biology Ireland at by 3rd September 2012.